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Sausage Wrap

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    Savor the keto-friendly delight of our Sausage Wrap. Indulge in a succulent sausage nestled within a soft, low-carb wrap, elevated by a generous layer of melted cheese. Customize your wrap with a tantalizing array of optional toppings. Enhance the flavor profile with tangy ketchup or spicy mustard. Crisp onions, refreshing lettuce, and juicy tomatoes add a delightful crunch. For a touch of sweetness, relish awaits your taste buds. Embrace the creamy richness of mayo and the satisfying crunch of pickles. Craft your own sausage wrap masterpiece, perfectly tailored to your unique keto preferences. Relish in each bite, knowing you're satisfying your cravings while staying true to your health journey.

    Description: Sausage in a low-carb wrap, served with cheese and your choice of toppings.


    All Items may contain nuts or may have come in contact with nuts.