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Ham and Cheese Wrap

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    Delight in the savory simplicity of our Keto Ham and Cheese Wrap. We start with a generous stack of thinly sliced, piled-high ham, ensuring each bite is packed with flavor. Then, we add a layer of creamy white cheddar cheese that melts perfectly, creating a luscious combination of textures. A touch of tangy mustard adds a zesty kick, while the freshness of crisp lettuce and juicy tomato adds a vibrant burst of taste. All of this deliciousness is carefully enveloped in a soft and pliable low-carb keto wrap, making it the ideal choice for those following a keto lifestyle. Savor this satisfying, protein-packed creation that will leave you feeling energized and satisfied.

    Description: Piled high ham topped with white cheddar, mustard, lettuce and tomato on a low-carb keto wrap.


    All Items may contain nuts or may have come in contact with nuts.